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New Super Mario Bros: Harder, better, faster, stronger?

Since its announcement this past E3, the New Super Mario Bros Wii has been gathering a lot of attention around most things that new and upcoming games usually are plastered down with. Gameplay, balancing issues, retro memories (where applicable), multiplayer, online support, etc. are just some of the things that gamers and long time fans of the particular  game might bring to light. But, when the focus of the game is Mario, thoughts of difficulty are usually not a high priority.

Until now. Or so every one thinks.

Announced, earlier, Nintendo officials have stated that this new installment of Mario will be "the hardest in the series." Whether or not that remains true, speculation has already arisen. After all, past versions of Mario have, as a whole, not been much of a challenge. What might be the defining difficulty level in this game might not be the single player itself, but the multiplayer feature it's offering for gamers. Who can say how hard a game will become when there are 4 players squished onto one platform desperately fighting for coins? Or if someone is playing against 3 other maniacal players?

Once the release date hits in 10 days, the world will see to these claims. One can only hope for benevolent friends, but with the rise of multiplayer games becoming more and more violent and competitive driven, that has yet to be seen.

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  • Ciaran 4 years ago

    Well, technically, they said it would be "one of the hardest" in the series.

  • Tenkei 4 years ago

    What's even the point of this article?

    'After all, past versions of Mario have, as a whole, not been much of a challenge.'

    You clearly have never played any of the original Mario games...

  • GAF 4 years ago


  • Nyy 4 years ago

    Even the old games become less difficult in retrospect, anything you cut your teeth on seems hard. Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels was very hard though, I wonder if this game can rival that.

  • Raynor Bugayong: Boston Video Game Industry Examin 4 years ago

    @ Tenkei: It would be pointless for me to argue that I've actually played a majority of the Mario games in the past. But, like I've seen around the net and what Nyy said, I haven't played Super Mario: The Lost Levels. That and I believe the Japanese version of Mario 2 were hard.

  • Joel 4 years ago

    I agree with Tenkai, Having played all the mario games as a child, I can honostly say that they are far from easy. People play the first world and think "this is easy" until they arrive at World 5-8

    Then it gets very intense..believe me

  • Joel 4 years ago

    I agree with Tenkai, Mario games are frustratingly difficult near the mid-end stages.