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New 'Sunset Overdrive' Amp revealed, say hello to Scorched Earth

Excited for some Sunset?
Excited for some Sunset?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Amps are obviously going to be an integral part of a player's journey when it comes to Sunset Overdrive. They are going to help players take down more enemies, especially those that will present a more considerable challenge for players.

Sunset Overdrive has already had a few Amps revealed already, and another new one was just introduced yesterday. Sunset Overdrive Community Manager Brandon Winfrey talked about a brand-new Amp that players will be able to acquire, once they've earned it of course.

"[Scorched Earth] is an epic Amp that produces molten lava blasts from the areas you walk," Winfrey said.

Ah yes, Les Grossman would be very proud of this new Amp. If you've seen the clip from the movie Tropic Thunder, then you're picking up what we're layin' down. If you click the link, be aware there is adult language, see 2:10 of it for the reference.

Amps and all of your artillery in Sunset Overdrive will be most effective when your Style Meter is at its highest point, so be sure to get that meter up to make your enemies really burn. Sunset Overdrive has many, many inspirations from other preceding media, that much is clear, but it'll be interesting to see what new precedents Sunset Overdrive sets when it launches in Oct.

One guess at what people will find very memorable are the respawn animations. From what we've seen so far, those have got to be some of the funniest tidbits we've found in Sunset Overdrive's available footage. Get ready to Scorch some Earth when Sunset Overdrive launches on the Xbox One Oct. 28.

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