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New study shows up to $45 billion revenue increase if Obama acts on immigration

Immigration is a hot button issue in American politics and deeply divides the elected officials in Washington and the American people. Though the divide is often a partisan one, a new study shows that the economic benefits for legal immigration is a positive one.

President Barack Obama meets school children at Mount Pleasant Primary School prior to the NATO summit on September 4, 2014 in Newport, Wales.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

While Obama administration is still debating on whether to act on immigration reform before the 2014 mid term elections, a report released on Thursday might push the president in one direction. Released by the Center for American Progress, their study shows that under multiple scenarios, tax revenue could increase in the United States by between $21 billion and $45 billion if action is taking on immigration. The bill researched was immigration reform bill, S. 744, which is a bipartisan piece of legislation that was passed by the Senate, but stalled in the House after Speaker John Boehner's refusal to put the bill up for a vote.

President Obama is able to use his power of executive order to move on some parts of immigration reform, one which is called deferred action. As described by the Center for American Progress, deferred action is described as a, "temporary, discretionary reprieve from deportation that enables the government to focus its limited resources on high-priority enforcement targets while bringing low-priority individuals out of the shadows." Deferred action was officially recognized in 1975 by the the Immigration and Naturalization Services. By using this action, the president would be able to identify low risk, non criminals who would then be able to come forward and apply for temporary relief from deportation.

With the mid term elections only months away, immigration is a tricky issue, especially for Democrats running for election and reelection in conservative, "red" states. Whether President Obama decides to act now or later on immigration, all signs point to a huge economic benefit for the country as a whole if something gets done.

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