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New study shows the average cost of wedding vendors in the Detroit area

New wedding statistics released.
New wedding statistics released.
Photo courtesy of Complete Video Solutions, 2014 - Used with permission.

Wanting to know how much your Metro-Detroit wedding is going to cost you? According to a new study that surveyed 13,000 brides nation-wide, there is now current information on what the average bride is spending, not only on the national level, but here in Michigan.

XO Group Inc, a global media and technology leader and creator of the top wedding website, recently released its results of its annual Real Weddings Study. This comprehensive report surveyed nearly 13,000 US brides and grooms married in 2013. We currently posted the results of the nation-wide study, but here are some stats specific to the Metro-Detroit region:

  • The average total cost to marry in Detroit in 2013 was $25,228, which is an increase of 6.4% from 2012 (this figure excludes the cost of the engagement ring and the Honeymoon).
  • Detroit ranks 30th in the most expensive places to get married, out of the 75 US markets included in the study.

In addition, here is a vendor by vendor listing of the average cost of wedding vendors in the Metro-Detroit area in 2013, according to this study:


  • Engagement Ring: $5,815. The median cost is $3,240.
  • Wedding Gown: $1,286.
  • Wedding Accessories: $291.
  • Beauty Supplies: $203.
  • Bridesmaids Dresses, cost per: $154.
  • Groom's Attire: $207.


  • Reception Venue: $13,609.
  • Photographer: $2,163.
  • Videographer: $1,838.
  • Floral & Decor: $2,470.
  • Event Planner: $1,067.
  • Wedding Cake: $546.
  • Ceremony Musician: $530.
  • Reception Band: $2,960.
  • DJ: $908.
  • Transportation: $685.
  • Ceremony Site: $1,191.
  • Ceremony Officiant: $266.
  • Reception, Cost per Head: $59.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: $885.
  • Morning After Brunch: $371.

While these figures mark the average, they are good to note because there are several "hacks" and amateurs out there who see weddings as a quick way to scam you out of your money.

Looking for a good DJ? Plan on spending on or around the average, or if you find that the price is above the average, try to determine why (experience, uplighting and equipment could factor in). Conversely, beware of "professional" vendors charging way off of the average. If you find a DJ only charging $400 when everyone else is charging close to the average, just assume that your Reception is going to be ruined.

It sounds harsh, but it's true. Things cost what they cost. Most people know that you can't get a new car for $1,000, it is common knowledge that new cars cost more than that. Of course it would be nice to get a new car for $1,000, but it is not realistic. As in life, you need to have realistic expectations when planning a wedding, and need to set realistic goals. Can't afford these important services? Maybe you need to push the wedding date back to save a bit more. Ultimately, you are the one who will lose by trying to hire "cheap" vendors whose prices under-cut other experienced vendors in your area.

It does work both ways, so if a vendor is charging twice the local average, make sure you try to find out why. Just as the "cheapest" could be dangerous, nobody wants to spend more than is necessary. The best strategy is to do your homework and compare apples to apples, understanding that weddings cost money...yes, your wedding too.

[Statistics in this article courtesy of Anja Winikka, Site Director of].

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