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New Store Offers Gaming Opportunities For Geek Community

Face to Face Games Opens New Store In Toronto
Face to Face Games Opens New Store In Toronto
Face to Face Games

Based out of Montreal, the gaming store, Face to Face Games has a new outlet located in Toronto.

Located at 2077a Danforth Avenue, this game shop offers more than just a selection of board games for purchase; it offers a chance to share and try games in a relaxed setting, complete with refreshments and Wi-Fi for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

With hours that range from the end of the school and work day during the week to either 10pm (or 1am on Fridays), Face to Face Games offers a fairly accessible schedule for store availability, as well as catering to a fairly wide age range of gamers. Another interesting feature of the store is their willingness to make store copies of various games available for trial purposes. Hosting groups for gameplay is also an option that the store can present to prospective gameplayers who might want to step out for an evening to try a new game.

At the present the store has a wide range of trading card games available in large quantities. Board games like Game of Thrones by Fantasy Flight Games are available for sale and trial. There are plans to include miniature style games like Star Wars: X-Wing into the store’s inventory but for now, these may be ordered off the company website – as supplies are available.

Face to Face Games also offers opportunities for tournaments, staged and judged by their staff. Though there are no definite Toronto tournaments, following the Montreal listings, obviously this is an area that Toronto fans can expect to see a similar degree of operation. Other events are likely to follow.

Plans for a refreshment counter complete with a range of delectables like sandwiches, pop, etc., are in the development for the Toronto store. Wi-Fi options and a location on Danforth Road with access to a wide range of local food options should also make this gaming site very convenient.

Geek culture includes board gaming in a very big way. If there is one thing that is needed in this community is a location and an opportunity for geek gamers to interact socially and as much as possible. Face to Face Games not only makes games available, but also gaming opportunities.

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