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New Stephen King book coming soon: Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes

Excitement dwells amidst the Stephen King fan community. Hushed voices are whispering, necks are turning (almost to the point of cranking), while others (the shorter ones) are standing on their toes, trying to steal a glimpse or two because they know it’s coming—they hear the soft, almost nonexistent hum of the engine of a Mercedes Benz approaching. The King is back.

The gap and silence have not been lengthy, thank goodness. After the great success of Dr. Sleep, not too long ago, and Joyland before, Stephen King is scheduled to release a new book titled Mr. Mercedes in June of this year, showing the constant reader (and the distant one) that after writing over 60 books, he isn’t done telling stories.

The story seems to unfold in the early hours at some job fair in some “Midwestern city”, where a Mercedes Benz appears amidst the heavy fog, crashes though the awaiting crowd, injuring many and killing some, only to disappear back into the blanket of fog.

Detective Bill Hodges, clearly the protagonist, is initially assigned to the case. However, as the crime becomes cold due to the expansion of time, and due to the lack of leads, the case becomes stale and no one gets arrested.

Time moves on.

Bill Hodges is now a retired cop when he receives a bizarre but disturbing letter from someone claiming the Mercedes crime. In addition, the letter’s crazy writer also reveals his plans of carrying out an act of terror so outrageous that it will kill thousands. In turn, Bill is lured out of retirement. He becomes passionate about the whole ordeal and determines himself to catch this killer before he strikes again big.

Although the waiting period hasn't “really” been that long, to some extent, the lovers of SK fiction feel as if it has been a small piece of eternity. And although the waiting room has been filled with other reading material that we occasionally flip through, in order to keep our minds busy while we wait, our main focus remains on the next SK book, which in this case, Stephen King has promised to deliver to us in a Mercedes Benz this June.

J. Marquez Jr.
March 2014

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