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New Statesman columnist calls 2014 the year of the asexual

Laverne Cox, transgender actress and star of Orange is the New Black.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Eleanor Margolis, the Statesman's Liz Miserable’s columnist, declared 2014 to be the year of the asexual. Morgalis decided to call 2014 the year of the QIA. She insists on calling it the year of the asexual, even though she includes questioning and intersex individuals as well.

The Lez Miserables columnist lamented lesbians losing their 15 minutes of fame, and she provided her own thoughts on which gender and sexual minority group would gain the media's attention next. Because most people know nothing about the group she named, they may want to know about a few of the major news stories about asexuality.

Press coverage of asexuality began before House, M.D. premiered, but the "Better Half" episode, which aired in 2012, gave many people the wrong idea. The side-plot ended when Doctor House discovered the asexual patient had a brain tumor, and the other partner lied about her sex drive. Family members urged real-life asexuals to see a doctor.

The medical drama’s unwelcome coverage did not deter Anthony Bogaert from writing Understanding Asexuality. It was published in 2013, and the Terre Haute Asexual Examiner received a copy addressed to Laura Landis*. Greg Gutfeld, class clown of the Fox News channel, even discussed the book on his show, Red Eye. The show's panelists asked why asexuality needed to be recognized. Because the Red Eye segment aired at three o’clock in the morning, few people saw it

The timing of Bogaert's book allowed people to read it before the 2013 Asexual Awareness Week. AAW took place in October, as it did in previous years. It also coincided with ally week. Fortunately, only one columnist called it AA week. The AA week designation did not become popular and asexual activists and recovering alcoholics breathed a sigh of relief.

*She has no idea who Laura Landis is, but Lara has received a great deal of her mail.

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