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New Starter Decks

Hey everyone, sorry, I've been bogged down at a new IT job. But, I did happen to get to the store last week and picked up some pretty sweet things. So lets go over them.

Power Rangers Super MegaForce Legendary Morpher And Key

Yes, this technically counts as a game, or a couple rather. Well the keys do, the morpher is just for you to run around in your underwear and yell "Gokai Change". The Keys unlock heroes and levels in the Android app released by bandai... which doesn't technically work... in other words bandai failed..... ouch, and you know what you were told you could do with the keys? Bowl! yeah, let's ruin the value by flicking them across the room. Bandai, if you ever read this, you really fucked up on this one.

But if you're looking to get some wonderful wall hanging toys, or have a display that you can't afford Gokaiger for, then this will be fine. The packaging, I'd rate at a 3/5, it's not the best I've seen, but what makes it even worse is that it copies itself from product to product. So yeah, that's a fail. The super Megaforce phone is smaller than it's Gokaiger counterpart for some odd reason. Oh and they messed up the symbol on it to look less like the show and have less moving parts.... yeah buttons don't work and the picture on the screen area of the phone isn't two swords... it's a broken pirate symbol... Gotta give them a 2/5 there. The keys are roughly half the size... so yeah less plastic there...

Yeah we've been paying the same thing for lesser products from Bandai vs. The japanese market when it comes to bandai. Do the math...

Now on to the cards.


Well, I have to say I was quite pleased to see Konami had made a good descision. They released new versions of Starter Deck Kaiba and Yugi. I also saw a new Cyber Dragon deck, and a triple starter deck box called machine madness. Well played Konami, well played. I'd review these more, but I haven't gotten the chance to use them at all yet.

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