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New stadium deal for the Oakland Raiders Coliseum in action Coliseum in action
Wikimedia Commons

The Oakland Raiders have been given a new proposal by the city of Oakland for a new stadium. The deal is that the Raiders would have a new stadium built that could cost from $900 million to $1.2 billion.

As reported on Wednesday, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan proposed a new plan that would give the Raiders land and a new expensive stadium. The plan also included that the city and Alameda county taxpayers to pay $120 million that is still owed for the overhaul of the Coliseum back in the 90s.

Raiders’ owner Mark Davis has made it clear about a month ago that he did not want to renew the lease contract at the Coliseum after the 2014 season was over. Davis has also been shopping for a new city to become the home of his team. These cities that were rumored to possibly be the new home of the Raiders included San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Portland.

Other rumors were spread that the Oakland Raiders were going to lease the Levi’s Stadium, the new San Francisco 49ers home, for a year until a new home was found. Again, all reported rumours. However, the Raiders remain without a place to play for the 2015 season.

The plan offered by Mayor Quan includes the demolishing of the Coliseum. This brings up a huge problem with the Oakland A’s who had just signed a 10-year contract to play at the Coliseum. Another question remains: Are the Raiders going to have to share the new stadium with the Oakland A’s like they did the Coliseum? No reports on this matter so far.

Everything is very optimistic in Oakland with the new plan for a new stadium. However, if this plan takes to long for the Oakland Raiders, the Silver and Black could still take a hike. This could really happen especially if the Raiders are forced to keep sharing their field with the A’s.

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