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New Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center

Energetic Energies to Share
Energetic Energies to Share
Angelic Wise Ones

Introducing a New Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center

Ms. Samantha Smith has opened a Beautiful Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center in Hanover Maryland and this Center is a must to see and experience. Ms. Smith graduated from Towson University with her Bachelors in Business and has chosen Hanover for the perfect location to bring a lighter energy of Healing and Wellness to all.

What is also very stimulating as this will be home to many practitioners as they step out into their own spiritual business.

"Hanover is a wonderful location that is in need of a Spiritual place that individuals can gather together to learn, grow and share with one another. I am very excited to get things going as there are many individuals in need of a place to enrich their lives and know they are not alone in what they are going through and their own spiritual growth. We have a lot of exciting plans for the Center and many individuals who are scheduled to bring a variety of classes, workshops, products, retreats, metaphysical Chapel Services will be offered on Sundays and is home to our local Mediums. I call the Center our Angelic House of Light. "

She has a lot of exciting plans for the Center to share with everyone offering:

Host of your own Private Gallery Message Circles:

Gather your family and friends for an amazing night of Messages as Adele opens the door to communicate to your Loved Ones whom have Crossed over…to your Spirit Guides, Angels and more…

· Reiki Healing

· Holistic Healing

· Spiritual Development Classes

· Spiritual Growth Workshops

· Medium/Angel Card Readings

· Clairvoyant Readings

· Mediumship Development Classes

· Platform Mediumship Galleries

· Crystal Readings

· Crystal Healing

· Angel Workshops

· Spirit Guides Workshops

· Archangels and Ascended Masters

· Course in Miracles Study Group

· Dream Workshops

· Spirit Art Workshops

· Private Gallery Message Circles

The Open House was a huge success as Samantha offered Mediums and Reiki Master Healers from all over the local Maryland area offering free healing sessions and Angel Readings all day. Where ever you walked or looked you could feel the amazing energy of love and peace and it was wonderful to see a selection of Books, Angel Cards, Prayer Cards, Crystals, Guided meditation CD’s, Journals and more that day being offered. Ms. Smith has a fine sense of direction and knowledge in what the Light Worker and the seeker of facts is looking for. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met many new faces and friends to last a life time. What is also very stimulating as this will be home to many local practitioners as they step out into their own spiritual business.

I will be offering my services to many of the workshops, events and services that Ms. Smith is making available to you. See you at the Center located at:

1327 Ashton Road, Suite 202 ---Hanover Md. 21076

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights reserved 2010© Adele Linsalata , Angelic Wise Ones


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