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New "spiritual gym" for holistic wellness activities opening in South Miami

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I Am Equilibrium logo
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Membership based gyms for people to go regularly for physical exercise have become a staple throughout America. Gyms offer an environment that provides the resources and support that many people desire to help them pursue their fitness goals. However, most gyms focus almost exclusively on the physical level of a person, catering to those seeking to build and maintain muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and support cardiovascular health. Exercise and nutrition are important parts of a personal wellness regimen, yet our health also involves emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects of our lives.

With that in mind, self-described personal growth workshop enthusiast Ivette Agusti developed the vision and concept for a gym that would address a full spectrum of what supports health and wellness. In addition to workshops and classes covering things like yoga and nutrition, this facility would provide resources for psychological and spiritual wellness and vibrational healing. By signing up for memberships, those attending this wellness center would be committing themselves to exploring this holistic spectrum of resources to enhance their lives and promote balance and harmony.

This vision was the seed which grew into the new center in South Miami called I Am Equilibrium. Located on Sunset Drive just a few blocks away from Sunset Place, I Am Equilibrium is located in a vintage South Miami house redesigned to provide the feel of a spa or healing retreat. Some of Miami's most accomplished holistic wellness facilitators and instructors will be presenting classes, workshops, and private sessions at I Am Equilibrium. This writer is one of those invited to share classes and healing resources at this new venue, having been impressed by the concept of a holistic gym and the passion and enthusiasm of Agusti in her effort to present this resource to the community. The schedule for the soft opening this month includes classes and workshops in yoga, tai chi, nutrition, healing with sound, meditation, and more. Services offered include a wide range of holistic treatments, from aromatherapy and massage to hypnosis, reiki, coaching, and psychotherapy.

With the desire to promote the well-being of the community and expand the consciousness of people in the Miami area, Agusti is passionate about sharing the types of resources that she feels have brought greater peace, joy, balance, and well-being into her own life and the lives of her loved ones. Though the idea of a holistic or spiritual gym may seem foreign to many people, Agusti believes that it is now time to share these life-changing resources with as many people as possible, as there is much need for greater balance in our modern high-stress, materially-focused society. During the soft opening period guests can sign up to try out an initial class session for free and sample one of the community's holistic wellness resources.

I Am Equilibrium will have its main opening event in May 2014, while there will already be an impressive schedule of classes and workshops starting April 15th. Whether you need to let go of stress from tax season, or wish to do some "spring cleaning" to transform your life, you may wish to visit I Am Equilibrium and discover the secrets of healing and personal development that are being shared just minutes from popular shopping, dining, and entertainment spots in the South Miami and Coral Gables area. You can learn more by visiting or checking their Facebook page at