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New song writing consulting company SONGS, to open in Detroit.

Vinnie from sponge
Shetan Noir

Sponge’s Vinnie Dombroski Launches “Songs,” Offering Artist Development and Consultation Services

Gold certified recording artist Vinnie Dombroski announces the launch of his new company Songs, based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Songs is set up to consult on the songs of an individual or group or even co-write with artists. Songs also has the resources at hand to be a full service artist development and music consulting company. With Dombroski at the helm, artists will have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize his professional expertise and extensive resources on every aspect of the creative and business side of music.

For Dombroski, it all starts with the SONG, hence his company’s name. “The idea began with the simple concept that One Song Can Change Everything,” explained Dombroski. The song "Plowed" was written and recorded before Sponge was signed to a major label. Who would have dreamed at that time the song “Plowed” would kick open the doors for a career that’s still going strong after 20 plus years.

“Plowed” hit #5 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts, and remains a fixture on commercial rock radio worldwide. The song has been licensed in numerous major motion pictures including “Empire Records,” “Chasing Amy,” and most recently “Chasing Mavericks,” starring Gerard Butler.

With over 100 TV and Film licensing credits, and 3 top 20 Billboard hits, Dombroski knows a thing or two about what it takes to write a great song.

“It's really such a simple idea that some folks find hard to believe that it's about a SONG and that's where we begin,” said Dombroski. “I’m setting up shop for songwriters out there that may have some great ideas but need some refining – and I’m here to help,” he added.

“Songs gives songwriters, bands, and musicians the opportunity to sit one on one with someone that's been there and still doing it. It's something that I wish I had as a resource as an up and coming writer/musician,” Dombroski enthused.

Songs takes it one step further by providing services to not only demo a writer or band's songs, but the resources to create finished professional masters drawing from a collective of world class producers, studios and musicians.

“At Songs, we are able to consult regarding publishing, record/production deals, synch licensing, promotion to radio, social media, and publicity as well as manufacturing and distributing of songs and albums, ownership of masters, registration to a PRO, touring, and management” Dombroski explained.

Additionally, Songs has access to top-notch lawyers, publicists, and graphic and web designers.

“Songs believes no matter what your background is, with great songs and solid resources, success is within your reach!”

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