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New Social Networks for 2014: Whisper and Anomo

I've been playing with two new social networks Whisper and Anomo for a few weeks now.

New Social Networks
Alina Braverman
Anomo, Interactive New Social Network
Alina Braverman

Anomo is a social network for introverts built by introverts. Your given an avatar and reveal your picture if and when you want to. Avatars are customizable and one can be created for you. Interaction is encouraged on a daily basis by WhitePanda such as selfie Sunday, which is great and helps members interact. Ice breakers can be initiated by any member and are fun ways to connect through a series of questions to see if two members are compatible. I now have a few new pen pals in France and the UK, beyond that I don't see this as taking over the world of social networking. On the other hand Whisper feeds my psychological curiosity about people.

Whisper is an anonymous network where you post secrets with just a screen name and a geographic location that's 50 miles of where you are. The secrets are everything from random thoughts to heartbreaking life stuff. You can truly say anything on this network without revealing your identity. I love this network and reading all the whispers from all over the world. I have even put up a few secrets myself :o This network could even work for brands to post their own pics and secrets, as long as they keep it real and not cliched.

I will say that all social networks turn into potential dating sites and the gym pic I posted got over 30 messages in 10 minutes on Whisper. But hey who needs to go on awkward real dates when you have digital men vying for your attention, joking... maybe....