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New Social Media App Combines All Your Favourite Social Media Apps in One

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Light is a new fun social media app that will change your life. This app combines the current most popular apps and is a revolutionary tool to add to your repertoire. Light App is simply a picture sharing app but it operates in a different manner than most that are similar in nature. Initially, you login to Light as a new user. This is separate from all of your other social media profiles; it is a fresh new start and allows for you to create a new identity. Once you have created your new profile, you follow other users, these can be celebrities, people you know, or you can add new friends. After you are ready to go you start snapping and posting your photos and utilizing the heart posts to like other user’s photos or chat and inbox with your “Light” friends. The way that “Light” changes everything you are used to is by creating a “Light” universe that only lasts for 60 minutes at a time.

Imagine you could get a fresh new start every 60 minutes, you can continue moving forward and live in the now. This is exactly what this revolutionary app allows you to do. It provides the ability to not worry about the past or future and just take life one hour at a time. The interface is quick and smooth and allows for you to easily integrate “Light” into your everyday routine. Keep up with what your friends are doing by the hour, find out how celebrities live their lives and even connect with people that have similar interests to your own. This app is one of the easiest and quickest interfaces which provide the ability to snap photos and share them with the world. This app is able to change the social media world by having information disappear so in order to stay up to date and current you will need to be part of the “Light” universe whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Social Media has had a number of recent fads such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to name a few. This new social media app allows you to experience your favorite aspects of each of these social media apps all in one place, in the perfect app that is “Light.” The element of surprise, mystery and living in moment that Snapchat provided now is provided in a different manner with a slightly extended amount of time so you can have the time to truly look at the picture. The elements of following friends, family, celebrities and anybody you like that Instagram and Twitter provided is created in “Light” in a similar fashion but it is separate so as your whole social media life is not shared with the world, only the last 60 minutes. Share your pictures, like pictures, chat with your friends and most importantly live in the moment with this fun new social media app “Light.”