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New smoking gun on Obama negligence the night of Benghazi

The Regime still doesn't answer, where was Obama himself during Benghazi?
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Barack Obama Regime absolutely refuses to answer any questions about where the president was, and what he was doing, doing those five key hours the night of September 11, 2012 while our consulate in Benghazi was attacked and our ambassador to Libya was murdered by al Qaeda operatives. It is known he basically left Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in charge of things at about 5 PM and his whereabouts are unknown until about hours after that when he spoked with Hillary on the phone at about 10 PM about the crisis in Benghazi. The smoking gun comes from former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor, recently questioned by Brett Baier on the Fox News program Special Report, which revealed that Preisident Obama was in the White House but apparently not in the situation room during those key hours that night.

For many, knowing the president is a long time cocaine user who could easily have relapsed, could well have spent those hours somewhere in the White House getting high on cocaine because perhaps he could't deal with the reality he knew was going on in Benghazi. The very reason that question was raised, and there was speculation about where Obama was during those hours, was to get an answer that the public deserves to know, about exactly where the president was and what he was doing during those hours when clearly he was not doing his job as president.

Brett Baier asked Vietor several times whether the president was in the Situation Room during those hours and where was he, and the only straight and non-evasive answer Vietor gave was to confirmed that Barack Obama was “in the White House” during those hours and apparently not in the Situation Room. Vietor would not tell where in the White House the president was but did seem to act like he knows where the president was during those hours.

This revelation is huge because it confirms the president was not in the situation room doing his job, where he should have been, but that he was in fact somewhere in the White House. If the Obama Regime hadn't been working extra hard to cover up such issues as this, they wouldn't needlessly raise so many questions about what really goes on at the White House.

We know a few other interesting facts about the day of Benghazi. Apparently, someone in Hillary's State Department had intelligence that there would be a anti-American demonstration in Cairo, Egypt organized by allies of the Muslim Brotherhood and factions of al Qaeda and earlier that day, before such demonstrations began, someone from the State Department put out an apolocy, in advance, apologizing for the “hateful” anti-Muslim video that no one had yet heard of until that apology mentioned it. Conveniently, this gave way for the Regime to claim the video inspired the demonstrations in Cairo as well as the attack on our consulate that night in Benghazi, Libya. Perhaps the very purpose of the pre-emptive apology memo was to set up the blaming of all those events that day on the previously unknown video?

The Regime didn't want anyone to think an act of terrorism has happened because near the end of the campaign for reelection, they had painted the picture (another lie from the regime) that they had defeated al Qaeda and there were no risk of terrorism anymore. Perhaps Obama himself knew trouble was brewing that night when he skipped out like a coward during those five hours and left Hillary to take care ofthings. Some believe that Hillary was the one who thought up the lie of blaming it all on the video in order to cover for Obama, who seemed to be more than willing to let Hillary take the blame if things blew up that night and couldn't be covered up as the Regime did in fact cover it up.

While we still do not know where the president was, and what he was doing, during those five hours that night, we do know one thing. The president has quite cowardly slipped away the hours of a real crisis, and was not doing his job. That alone should have been exposed before the 2012 election and should easily have been proof that he should have been not elected to a second term as president. A clear picture of what really happened in the White House that night would reveal that the most unqualified president elected in the history of the country, after four years of on-the-job training, was still not qualified to be president. With that knowledge, the voters might well have made a very different decision on election day in 2012, even with the degree of voter fraud that occurred.

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