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New 'Sister Wives' preview offers spoilers: Which wife is headed to college?

"Sister Wives"
"Sister Wives"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fans of "Sister Wives" are really ready for a new season of the show. On Mary 11, viewers of TLC were watching "My Five Wives." During the show, they were able to share a sneak peek of the new season of "Sister Wives" and this preview let fans in on a huge spoiler.

This clip shows Meri Brown telling Robin that she needs to talk to her. They go away from everyone else to discuss something in private. Meri explained that she is afraid that Robin will think she is abandoning her. These two wives are obviously very close.

Meri tells her that she is going to go back to college. Kody Brown already knows the news and now she wants Robin to know. Now that Mariah is gone to college she doesn't have any kids at home. In the fall of 2014, she will be headed back to school. Robin looks shocked when she hears the news.

She is afraid that if she doesn't go back to school then she will never do it. Robin has a big issue with it because of My SisterWife's Closet which is their boutique. She has been helping Robin with it, but explains that it is not her dream. Robin thought that these two would be doing it together and it doesn't look that way now. Robin admits that she feels ditched by Meri even though she can still help her some of the time.

It will be hard for Robin to do the company on her own, but she will find a way to make it work. Meri will be busy with school but it won't make it where she can't help at all. Hopefully this season will show how it all plays out.

Don't miss the premiere of "Sister Wives" on June 8 on TLC. It will be back on Sunday nights for viewers. This is when fans will get to see how it all plays out. TLC is doing well with both of their shows about polygamy families.

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