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New Sergeant and Lieutenant for Bellbrook Police Department

Grateful promotions given to officers
Photo provided by Flicker, Scott Davidson

In the short time Bellbrook Chief Doherty has been on the job, he has already made some big changes. One of the first things Chief Doherty did after taking the reins at the Bellbrook police department was some much needed promotions. Police Sergeant Brian Mead and Police Lieutenant Stephen Carmin accepted their promotions with pride during the last city council meeting.

“It’s certainly an honor and a privilege to live in the same community that you get to work in and have the kids go to school here. It’s just a joy to be involved in the community and to service them in this capacity,” Police Sergeant Brian Mead said. “I want to send a great thanks to Chief Doherty, and the group of very fine officers who are second to none. Also, I want to give a special thank you to my family for their patience over the past seventeen years.”

Sergeant Mead and Lieutenant Carmin were accompanied with their supporting family and many officers ready to celebrate their achievements. Although new routine and new working hours are accepted by both, it seems that not only the officers but the families are ready to take on the challenge and do what it takes to keep Bellbrook a safe community for the residents and visitors.

Police Lieutenant Stephen Carmin—“There are several people that I would like to thank tonight, my God, my family and my friends, fellow officers and police staff that have supported me over the years of my career and the many good citizens of this community that I have come to know over the last twelve years. I especially want to thank my wife of 15 years, Renee and my two children, Kayla and Andrew. As you know, a police officer’s work hours are not Monday through Friday with weekends off. So my wife and kids have had to adapt to my schedule no matter what it might be. They have stuck with me through it all and I thank them for their support,” Police Lieutenant Stephen Carmin. “The resident have of the City of Bellbrook have chosen a fine community to live and raise their family. I believe one of the many reasons residents choose to live here is because of the proactive dedication to this police department. Crime occurs everywhere and no community is exempt from it. We at the Bellbrook Police Department take our job seriously; I and my fellow officers will continue to do our part in making this city a safe place for all of residents to live.”

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the police department at (937) 848-8484. The police department is here to serve you and your family.

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