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New semester resolutions

Many college students, including myself, will be heading back to school within the next few weeks. (Yes, to those of you who are already back, college semester breaks tend to be long). Since a new semester offers different courses to take, it is time to make resolutions. But don't aim for something you know you can't reach. This is not meant to sound condescending, but to sound reasonable. If you are not very good at science, do not aim to get an A in the course. Rather, do your best and study as often as you can and aim to get a grade in the B range. It's challenging, and you won't put so much pressure on yourself trying to get that perfect "A."

When aiming for good grades, one might often push themselves too hard. If a student only hopes to get As, that makes one more open to failure. If you only aim to get As, one will be more disappointed with a B, even though it is a good grade. So it is best to aim for something to be proud of. Perfection, while it looks nice on paper, often causes students anxiety. If you get an A, great. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

Getting the grades you want and deserve comes with knowing where the resources on campus are, and not being to proud to use them. Many of us are too proud to ask for help so we go on struggling, even though their is help available on campus.


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