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New season, new doctor, filming starts on 'Doctor Who' - spoilers

Filming has started on Season 8 of "Doctor Who" with Peter Capaldi in control of the TARDIS. After the emotional farewell Christmas special when Matt Smith gave up the bow tie and said goodbye, Capaldi stepped into the shoes of one of the most beloved sci-fi characters ever. With mixed emotions, fans watched the regeneration as the youngest timelord transformed into an older version - with a Scottish accent.

Peter Capaldi takes the helm as the new Doctor
BBC America

"New job, first day, slightly nervous," Capaldi was quoted as saying as he arrived on set. "Just like the Doctor, I'm emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world."

Filming for Season 8 just started in Cardiff and will continue until August 2014. The Capaldi era of "Doctor Who" will premiere in the third quarter of 2014 and, great news for fans, Seasons 8 and 9 will not be interrupted. It was sooo hard to wait when Matt Smith's last season was split.

"We're not going to do splits [in series eight], and the same format will repeat exactly the following year like that—so it will be the traditional form," executive producer Steven Moffat said.

Now for some spoilers and rumors. Don't read any further if you want to be surprised.

  • In the picture of Capaldi with Jenna Coleman (Clara), BBC has said that we are NOT seeing Capaldi's official costume.
  • Clara will return as the Doctor's companion.
  • Jenny, Strax and Madame Vastra will be returning for Capaldi's first year as the Doctor.
  • There are rumors that the Doctor may pick up another companion, Coal Hill School teacher Tom (Tristen Beint). This is still rumor.
  • There may be another episode written by Neil Gaiman
  • River Song (Alex Kingston) may return for Season 8 (watch video)

After reference to Matt Smith as the young pup, and Capaldi as the old beast, Moffat said:

"This time I’ve made sure we’ve got a bunch of characters around him so that we can have a new Doctor introduced and we can push that Doctor a bit further if you’ve got a familiar world around him. … I think the fun story will be — and we have the opportunity here — is this is what regeneration can do to you. He can be very, very different. Now it’s time for the old beast to snarl at you for a bit!?"

Click on picture of the Doctor and Clara for a surprise spoiler from River Song!

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