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New Science Fiction Novel Series Penned by Phoenix Author

Full disclosure: The author I’m writing about today is my older brother. I want people to buy and read his book. You may now ingest your grain of salt.

New Novel from Phoenix Writer
Matthew Duncan

An imaginative new universe is now available for science fiction fans. The Warrior’s Stone, the debut novel from Matthew O. Duncan, takes readers into a fantastic future. The tale of distant planets and mysterious civilizations blends elements of space opera with supernatural fantasy.

The book is the first volume of a trilogy. Planning a trilogy for an untested property is an ambitious idea, but not an unheard of one. JK Rowling planned a series of seven books before publishing the first installment of Harry Potter; whereas the Hunger Games series used the sale and acclaim of the first book to justify its rushed and lesser sequels. Duncan has a vision for his universe and a clear story he plans to tell.

From a Wednesday press release:

“Originally I had planned to write is as a screenplay, yet there was something lost in the structure of the writing. I soon realized that the depth and complexity of the story would be lost in the translation of film making, a novel would have to come first,” explains Duncan. “The long form of writing in novels gave me the opportunity to paint a complete picture for the reader of the new world and universes within the pages. A new universe that is so rich it has already inspired two more books and maybe more.”

Read more:

The story follows Lt. Commander Roy O’Hara, a military pilot shot down over an unexplored planet. Roy is found by Katreena, a mysterious woman from a society unaware of the alien worlds. She heals Roy’s injuries the Boto Stone. This creates a deep bond between them that allows them to communicate through their dreams.

Knowing him as I do, I can say that Duncan values imagination. His hope is to reach out with his own and capture yours.

The Warrior’s Stone is available now:

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