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New school year’s resolutions

Just as we make resolutions for how we plan to make our new year better, it is a great idea to make resolutions for having a great new school year. The major difference, however, should be that the school resolutions will be ones we really plan to keep.

Keep the homework area free from distraction.
Try these resolutions to have a great school year

Below you will find some resolutions to make for a better school year for your family.

1. Mornings

A. Use a checklist to remember everything and to remain on time

B. Ensure everyone eats a healthy snack

2. Pack healthy “green” lunches

A. Include lots of fruits and veggies

B. Use reusable bags and containers

3. Encourage kids’ independence

A. Assign chores and self-care tasks to each child

B. Stop doing everything for your child, Mom!

4. Help at your child’s school

A. Help with a field trip/class party/fundraiser/PTA event or two

B. Do not overcommit

5. Stick with an after-school routine

A. Include time for snack, play and homework

B. Ensure children have everything they need to do their homework

6. Make homework time painless

A. Provide a proper workspace

B. Remove distractions, such as TV and cell phones

C. Review kids’ assignments

7. Keep kids’ schedules manageable

A. Limit sports/extracurricular activities to one per semester

B. Block out time for family on calendar

8. Communicate with the teacher

A. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible

B. Be prepared for parent-teacher conferences

C. Exchange emails with teacher

9. Fit in physical activity

A. Encourage outside play as often as possible

B. Parents, participate, too

10. Make time for family dinners

A. Prepare easy make-ahead meals which can be reheated

B. Use dinner time to reconnect

11. Establish screen-time limits

A. Keep tabs on Internet use by keeping computer in family area

B. Set strict parental controls on computer

C. Encourage use of educational games

D. Limit time on tablets, television, video games and phones

12. Be firm about bedtime routines

A. Know how many hours of sleep your child needs for his age group (8.5 – 11 hours/night)

B. Set a firm bedtime routine

C. Set a firm “lights out” time

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