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New scholarship for single mothers with special needs children

The Madian Chumbley Education Scholarship presented in its inaugural year by the non profit organization, Powerful Journey is accepting applications for single mothers with special needs children.
Powerful Journey

For single moms with special needs children being able to get an education and care for your child can be a major life challenge. Many times these moms don't have the support of a partner or family members to help them on their journeys. There is a Plano based organization that wants to help these mothers financially through a scholarship program. Powerful Journey, a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization is currently seeking applications for its inaugural presentation of a scholarship for single moms of special needs children.

Phyllis Jenkins is the CEO and founder of the organization and is pleased to offer the Madian Chumbley Education Scholarship. This "will help single mothers offset some of the expenses they occur as they pursue higher education." Scholarship requirements are that single mothers must have a child that has been medically diagnosed with a special need and the single mother must have “the desire to make a better life for herself and her family.”

Jenkins said, “I chose single moms of special needs children because they are such courageous women who tirelessly give of themselves,” Jenkins said “Many times, they forget about themselves to take care of their children. The mothers put their personal goals and dreams on hold.

“It is my desire to help them turn their dream of furthering their education into a reality.”

Who is Madian Chumbley?

Chumbley (1918-2010) retired from L.A. Scott Junior High School in the McKinney ISD. During her time at the school, she set up and developed the reading laboratory for underachievers in reading. She was also a charter member of Allen Heights Baptist Church and teacher for the FIDELIS Sunday School class at First Baptist Church in Allen.

“Madian Stowe Chumbley was a wonderful woman and an educator who had a heart for giving to others. It is an honor for me to continue her legacy of being a blessing to others. My personal mantra is live powerful and give powerful. I truly believe that education is a gift that keeps on giving.”

The application deadline for the scholarship is Wednesday, Jan. 15. The winner of the scholarship will be announced during the annual Powerful Journey Women’s Conference on Saturday, Feb. 1. Interested applicants should request a scholarship application via email,

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