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New Santa Documentary Coming Soon

Both Santa Jerry Owen and the Santa America Drill Team are featured on the cover of the documentary.
Power Plant Productions

This Christmas a gift will be given to children of all ages. A new documentary will be broadcast later this year about the men who spend their lives making others happy by spreading the Christmas Spirit. Featuring interviews with some of America’s best Santas the film is entitled “They Wore The Red Suit.”

There has never truly been a documentary which has focused upon the men who yearly help Saint Nicholas by trying on his boots and collecting smiles. These men at last will reveal both history and their own stories about the experiences they have had. In this documentary, you will hear about America’s legendary Santas including Jim Yellig, Charles W. Howard, and Phillip L. Wenz.

Brought to the world by Power Plant Productions the film will continue with the story of Santa Theme Parks, Santa Schools, and traditions of Santa from around the World. Indeed this is a film that will be a treasure to all lovers of Christmas and of Santa.

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