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New Samsung Galaxy model to be released in September?

Grey and white Samsung Galaxy Alpha Concept
Grey and white Samsung Galaxy Alpha Concept
Via Latin Post

In the wake of the trending news of the anticipated iPhone 6, there is something just as exciting taking a more low profile approach. With every iPhone release there is sure to be some exciting competition in the world of smart-phones and this year, just like the rest, it will be from Samsung. Not long after the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung line of smartphones will again release a brand new model dubbed the Galaxy Alpha. Flying under the radar for a reason, Samsung will most likely go head to head with the iPhone 6 by releasing the Alpha sometime in September (just days after the iPhone 6) says Tech Radar. The Alpha is rumored to sport a half-metal frame turning the Galaxy line into a higher-end device to attract would-be Apple customers. There is some controversy over whether or not the Alpha release is meant to gauge customers on how they will receive the metal-frame design. If the release goes well, a fully metal design may be fully incorporated into Samsung's release of their flagship device; the Galaxy S6 in early 2015. Although the alpha will be released as a mid-range Samsung device, it is rumored that it will be a formidable opponent to the iPhone 6. Here are a few exciting specs for this polished new Samsung device:


It will be an extremely thin 6.7mm compared to the iPhone 5S (7.6mm) and most likely thinner than the iPhone 6. It will have a polycarbonate backing with a metal frame. Color choices will be; charcoal black, dazzling white, frosted gold, scuba blue and sleek silver.


It will sport a 4.7 inch super AMOLED 720p screen and a resolution of 1280 x 720 with a pixel density of only 313ppi (lower than the iPhone 5)


Although the display may be slightly disappointing, the power department will surly not disappoint. Depending on the reagion, the Alpha will have either a quad-core (quad 1.8GHz + quad 1.3GHz) or a 2.5GHz quad-core chip inside with 2 gigs of ram and android 4.4.4 KitKat according to TechRadar.


Samsung is rumored to not hold back by slapping on an 12MP camera on the back with a flash (slightly smaller than the 16MP on the S5) and a 2.1MP camera on the front.


The Alpha will sport an 1860 mAh battery (enough to keep you going for hours). Although this new addition will have 32GB of internal storage, it is rumored that it will not have a slot for an SD card. This may be a turn off to previous Samsung Galaxy customers because this is a major upper-hand Samsung has held over Apple for such a long time that they are apparently giving up in the release of the Alpha.

It is fairly clear that the Alpha is made to test the waters with iPhone customers before the release of the Galaxy S6 in early 2015. The question now is; how will Samsung react to their customers and the surprises iPhone is sure to debut in the September release. One thing is for sure; If Samsung fails with the Alpha (and it most likely won't), there will definitely be stronger competition with the Galaxy S6.

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