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New safe on-demand car service: Interview with Allstate Limo's Eduard Slinin

Check out A new on-demand car service app that is safe and reliable
Check out A new on-demand car service app that is safe and reliable
AllState Limo

Some of the hottest trending apps on Google Play and Apple, for those always on the go, are car service apps. As the need grows for attaining a car service on a moment's demand more companies are popping up with apps touting on demand cars that have not been proven safe or reliable. Luckily ground transportation entrepreneur Eduard Slinin has come to the rescue with his new Allstate Limo Apple and Google Play app providing on demand cars that have been prescreened to keep customers in safe hands when picked up.

In order to arrive safely at one's destination it is very important to understand the differences between the many services offering on demand pickup. With claims of sexual harassments, insurance frauds, kidnappings and other unfortunate happenings it can be a scary situation climbing into a vehicle and facing an unknown driver.

In an interview I discussed with Eduard Slinin what drove him to begin the on demand service.

Slinin began his business with just one car to earn money for his family at the age of 15, and has since built an empire of more than 10 luxury town car companies throughout the United States and worldwide, including Allstate (one of the largest fleets in the NY tri-state area).

Eduard Slinin does not want people to risk their lives by getting into just any on demand vehicle. Working with GTNetwork (Ground Transportation Network), that works to specifically develop digital technology for service transportation companies all around the world, Slinin has created an on-demand car service app for AllState Limo that not only delivers a safe, reliable ride, but also ensures that the driver you get has been accredited far above industry requirements.

I asked Slinin "What drove you to finally enter into the app world of on demand car service?"

Excited Slinin answered "I am always focusing on leading technology with my corporate and consumer business". He went on to explain his process in making the app possible "Beginning in 2010 to 2011 I began researching companies to create an app. In 2011 GTNetwork was chosen to start developing mobile app which was launched in May 2013 for Allstate private car limousine.

With so many car services competing I questioned "What sets Allstate Limo apart from the other on demand apps?

Slinin explained "I've been around a long time, being the founder of my company in 1982 and know the business" he went on "Two things set us above other apps; First our drivers care because they want to see their franchise grow in order to make more money.

Slinin explained that AllState Limo sells a franchise to drivers, in turn drivers become partners. This leads to the second reason that sets his app in front of the rest "AllState's drivers want to be the best in order to keep clients happy and have repeat customers. The driver is service oriented to compete for business always searching for a way to perform the best service". With such high quality drivers Slinin is very proud to say that AllState Limo sees a 95% return in their business.

Safety being key, I though important to ask Slinin "What makes your company's safety precautions better than other companies?

The proud Slinin answered "Allstate drivers are independent contractors and must carry passenger for hire insurance; there is no do not misleading public with uninsured and unlicensed drivers.

Drivers for other car-service companies are employed and paid by the company for which they work. All these drivers need to do is pass a screening test and turn on the app. These drivers may not have the appropriate taxi and limo insurance and many operate with their personal auto insurance, not covering incidents with passengers. Additionally, there is no system in place for these companies to manage their drivers once they pass the initial test.

Going into more detail about how important safety is, Slinin further explained "AllState performs an extensive vetting process, hiring only licensed drivers with a full background check, including drug and alcohol testing as well as random ongoing testing performed once hired". In addition AllState requires drivers to take three hour classes for safety which the drivers are happy to receive a ten percent reduction on their insurance once the class is completed.

Slinin reiterated how important and vital safety is not only for the passengers but also for the business "Being a safe driver, being careful, driving the speed limit, not banging up car and being responsible means making money; AllState model has been proven for over 30 years. Happy drivers, happy passengers".

With years of service in the industry "How do you stay relevant after being in the business for such a long time?"

Enthusiastically Slinin spoke "I am a very ambitious individual and travel the world to see what is out there". He further spoke of his eagerness to partner up, innovate new things with clients in order to always grow. The passionate Slinin spoke "I am 50, but feel 25. I am always working and overseeing and have a good professional team that is very aggressive and efficient".

Explaining how other business come and go Slinin said "Many are fly-by-night that can't be trusted with drivers that are not vetted" furthering "A smart phone is not a meter that is regulated. People should only travel in a regulated vehicle in order to have a safe trip and be charged fairly. If a company drops the price they are cheating public in some way by cutting corners in safety issues or not paying taxes. People need to start opening their eyes and realizing that they need to look at the company and not just the convenience".

Further adding Slinin spoke "Not understanding the business and just developing an app, causes dangerous situations. This is an extremely difficult business. One must follow recipe or else ultimately the passenger can be hurt".

Screening is very important so I wanted to know "What is your screening process in order to ensure safety and reliability where other companies have failed?"

As he explained earlier "the vetting process to get safe and reliable drivers is extremely important". Allstate screens drivers and vehicles beyond what the industry requires. AllState only works with veteran, insured service-providers with years of experience and confirms each candidate undergoes routine drug and background tests, despite the fact that candidates must pass a drug and background test to receive their taxi license.

AllState goes beyond the norm by giving its drivers a three-hour driving and safety course which in turn allows them to take ten percent discount off their personal insurance. By doing random drug and alcohol testing AllState makes sure to keep drivers taking lives into ones' hands most important.

Detailing the issues with other apps Slinin expressed "What is transpiring right now is the market believes they will not stay. These companies do not have enough knowledge of the business to keep their staying power. Do you want to be in the car service business or technology business, one can't do both. As an expert in the car service business AllState Limo reached out to a technology company who could build software and provide it for Allstate".

Slinin emphasized "One must be professional and have to know what you are doing; knowing the business, working hard to be on top and understand". As he explained The car service industry is very regulated that you have to understand rules and regulation. Many new companies are operating like pirates and not following regulations. They continue to operate without proper insurance and without licensed drivers".

Simply put Slinin said "People want to have a safe driver to get them to where they want to go".

Slinin's has built his successful business based on superb client service with highly accredited drivers.

From his early years working in the ground-transportation industry, Eduard believes ownership ensures quality of service. With like-minded entrepreneurs who strive for their own personal success, AllState maintains a higher level of reliability and safety unmatched by their competitors.

Eduard Slinin has used his more than 30 years of expertise in the transportation field to have an on-demand app developed that ensures consistent and safe on demand rides. Where other companies have failed in providing safety, Slinin is making sure that his Allstate Limo on demand service is completely trustworthy by constantly vetting drivers and cars for safety.

Keep driving forward in life and never be afraid to dance.

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