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New Rules to living healthier

If #BillMauer were to create a list of #newrules he’d want to know why he should.

OK, Bill, here’s why: Study after study shows that as a whole, America is a country of “fatties”. The American Heart Association says that 1 in 6 adults is obese. Collectively, we love junk food and we don’t exercise nearly enough.

Regardless of the ways one who is overweight is described: bulky, chunky, plump, a butterball, roly poly, pudgy, weight-challenged, “not fat, just fluffy, “too short for the poundage” – obesity is not a joke and none of these, nor any other such descriptive terms are politically correct, socially acceptable, nor accurate. Obesity is a rampant disease afflicting millions of Americans of all ages. Jokes aside, size matters.

One man's pizza snack is another man's appetizer. Whether obesity is hereditary or a result of one’s environment, parents and grandparents must step up their snack and meal-planning choices with healthy alternatives to provide examples for the next generations in order to nurture better health.

New Rules:

1. Moderation good. Excess bad. This applies to everything, always.

2. Calories count. Eating healthy trumps junk food. Think nutrition. Think fruits and vegetables over carbs and fatty foods. Think balanced diet. Want a nosh? Make it healthy, and if you can’t, limit it to once or twice a week. What could it hurt?

3. Exercise. Step away from the TV and computer and move it, move it, move it. Like the ads say “ Just do it”. Exercise will keep you healthier, more fit and help you live longer. No matter how much you diet, if you’re not moving your body and exercising your heart, your brain, and the rest of your muscles, you’re not going to burn calories that just add weight and fatty tissue to your body.

4. Shop. I kid you not. There are social, emotional, physical, and mental benefits to getting out and walking, in albeit, a mall.

5. Vitamins. To get your daily dose of vitamins, eat healthy. Do vitamin supplements actually work? Do your homework and find out the REAL benefits. There is, however, recent research that suggests that high-dose vitamin D prevents fractures in the elderly.

6. Move it or lose it. That applies to workouts of the brain as much as it does to exercising the body. Read. A book, not a Nook™. (That’s just my preference, and may be used more as a guideline than a rule…) The point is – keep your mind active and your brain engaged to help prevent Alzheimer’s. Sudoku is also a good brain exercise. Challenge your brain every single day! It’s just as important as exercise and healthy eating. But also read for enjoyment and information.

7. Red wine and chocolate – Evil twins or dear friends? Both are high in anti-oxidants which have a myriad of benefits to the body. They are heart healthy and lower the risk of infections and cancer as well delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. (See Rule #1)

8. HEALTHY sweets and treats. Who doesn’t like sweet treats? Start eating (and offering) healthy sweet alternatives. So many sweet-tasting, good-for-you fruits and veggies are much better alternatives to candy, cookies, and cakes. Help your kids/grandkids learn to differentiate between the good-for-you sweets and the bad-for-you sweets early. (It will help save them a lot on dental bills in the future!) And it’s a good thing for you to follow, too!

9. Don’t forget your kids and grandkids. Your kids, of course, know EVERYTHING. Far be it for you to tell them how to live or raise their kids. Yet, I’ve found that when it comes to grandchildren, there are some things that you can help out with to reverse the affects of childhood obesity.

10. It’s your life. Make it joyful as well as healthy.

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