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New rules for embittered dog rescuers adopting from Roswell Animal Control

Lila, a sweet, highly adoptable six-month-old black Lab puppy in Cage 42 was euthanized. Rest in peace Lila.42 was e
Urgent Dogs of Roswell Animal Control

On Tuesday, Roswell, N.M. Mayor Dennis Kintigh stated dogs could finally be released from the Roswell Animal Control facility with certain conditions. All rescue groups must prove to the city they are non profits, and all rescue groups must sign an agreement with the city that all facilities will be open for inspection at any time reported

“It commits to humane treatment and responsibility and full inspection of their facilities,” stated Mayor Kintigh about his new regulations.

On Sunday evening, Roswell Urgent Animals At Animal Control were promised that no more dogs would be brought in or euthanized at the Roswell Animal Control either Monday or Tuesday until the mayor had enough time to revise the rules for rescuing and releasing dogs from the city shelter.

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On Monday however, four more innocent and extremely adoptable dogs were euthanized. Residents and humane advocates were outraged, but are now abiding by all of the new rules to help get as many dogs out of Roswell facilities as quickly as possible. On the Facebook page of Roswell Urgent Animals At Animal Control, rescue efforts are now in full gear.

The tragic chain of events began last Wednesday when nine-year-old Colby Prince was attacked by three rescued dogs out of Roswell Animal Control that were being kept at a nearby local rescue; the dogs were preparing to be transferred to a rescue facility in Colorado. As the young boy was preparing to feed and water his horses, the dogs attacked. Two of the dogs were shot by the child's father and the third dog will be euthanized after his quarantine period. The child is expected to make a full recovery.

Rescuers state the dogs' kennels may have intentionally been opened. A possible criminal investigation continues.

Roswell Animal Control is only open on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed for lunch every day). There are no adoption events ever sponsored by Animal Control nor do they network any of the surrendered, stray, or lost pets. According to volunteers, the Roswell Animal Control is not accommodating at all to local rescue groups who use social media, organize adoption events, photograph the dogs and cats, and try to evaluate and gather information about the pets in order to network and save lives.

Last year, statistics obtained from Roswell Animal Control showed 4,167 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies dating from January 3 through mid-December 2013 euthanized at the facility.

Mayor Dennis Kintigh's Facebook page now has more than 1,000 comments expressing from humane supporters across the nation; most of them criticizing him for essentially blaming innocent dogs for the tragedy last week.

For contact information on Roswell Animal Control: 705 E. McGaffey, Roswell, NM 88201

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