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New rules for cars passing bikes

Hiking and biking in Arlington
Hiking and biking in Arlington
James George

Bike Arlington sent an announcement that Virginia has passed and is now enforcing the “3 feet passing law” which applies to cars passing bikes at a “reasonable speed.” The Virginia General Assembly passed the law in March and now it is in effect.

Virginia bike passing law
Bike Arlington

As a hiker sharing trails with bikers, would you also like a little more safe distance and ask the bikers to slow down too? The law is a good one, and our biking friends deserve added protection, but hey, look out for hikers.

The old law was two feet. Hikers could use that to apply to bikers, but often there simply isn’t that much margin on trails.

“WABA, in coordination with the Virginia Bicycling Federation, provided strong support for SB97. We worked to get the word out about the bill, and Virginia residents responded in kind. Virginians sent over 1,800 letters to their legislators to support pro-bike legislation. In both the House and Senate, there was strong bike-partisan support for SB97. With the governor’s approval of this bill, Virginia will join 22 other states that already have a three-foot passing law in place. SB97 fixes one of the major differences in bicycling laws in the Washington area, bringing Virginia law in line with laws in Maryland and Washington, D.C.”

If you want to learn all about biking in Arlington, check out their website:

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Then again, if you want to know Arlington Outdoors, this is the spot. When I publish this article, I am heading out to the Custis Trail. The clouds are billowy. The breeze is blowing. The sun is still shining, and if I am lucky I will get in 4 miles before the afternoon shower.

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