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New rules and regulations coming for 'Biggest Loser' contestants

Cartoon Tool Scale Device Bathroom Scales Weight
Cartoon Tool Scale Device Bathroom Scales Weight

When Rachel Frederickson walked out on stage during the season finale of the “Biggest Loser,” her dramatic weight loss stunned the audience, trainers, and fans. Wetpaint reports that her weight loss, which many believe bordered on anorexia, has caused the show’s producers to place some guidelines for next season.

Bob Harper spoke with the New York Post. During his interview, he mentioned that the show's producers are coming up with new rules and stiffer regulations for a healthy weight loss. They want to prevent their contestants from losing too much weight like Rachel did. He said that they are trying to figure out how to make it more regulated.

Rachel dropped a dramatic amount of weight. She went from 260 pounds to 105 pounds. She lost 60% of her body weight. This is the most that any contestant has ever lost while competing on “Biggest Loser.” Rachel thought she would wow everyone watching, but instead, she raised the red flags that she may have gone too far in her weight loss.

Since then, Rachel has relaxed in her strict daily regime. Since the show, she has gained 20 pounds. She believes that now she is at her perfect weight.

Bob said, “You don’t want to ever go too extreme, because what’s going to happen? You’re going to get burned out … you’re going to get like, ‘I’m not doing this [bleep] anymore, it’s nuts. So you find a certain amount of balance … to be able to sustain this lifestyle.”