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New round of ‘State of Decay’ questions answered from the zombie game’s devs

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Undead Labs announced yesterday that they posted the answers to a series of fan asked questions that reveal much about the Xbox Live Arcade zombie game, “State of Decay.” Dealing largely with questions regarding last week’s character skill reveal, the Q&A answers many questions gamers may have about the game’s trait system.

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It has been revealed that players won’t create a specific character to start as “State of Decay” isn’t the game about a single person. It’s a community survival title so no one person is meant to represent the player in-game as the survivor group, as a whole, is meant to do so. As such, players will always begin the Xbox Live Arcade zombie game as a character named Marcus Campbell who, through the first quests of the title, will quickly meet other survivors to form the player’s first group.

Since every survivor in a player’s community is at their disposal, gamers will be able to switch between active control of their members at an time outside of combat or mission deployment. Characters only level up while the player has direct control of them. Neither skills nor XP is given to A.I. controlled survivors regardless of whether the player is actively playing the game or not.

When meeting new potential survivors, it is possible to see some of their skills and traits, but not all of them. After all, nobody reveals everything about themselves when first meeting others. The same goes doubly true in a zombie apocalypse. A large number of skills in the game will also be useless for survival such as sexting, Sudoku, and reality show trivia.

Since survivors are forever gone once the die (an event that will likely be often in a world full of zombies), the devs at Undead Labs don’t want the act of improving character skills to take terribly long but they also don’t want players to max out their skills in a single sitting. Additionally, survivors will never lose skill progress as a result of inactivity.

State of Decay,” developed by Undead Labs, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade at an unannounced date. Fans can read the full Q&A here.