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New restrooms to replace Chicano Park's painted building

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Crowds at Barrio Logan's Chicano Park the city plans on growing bigger can find a flaw in the small chicano mural covered building under the Coronado bridge. The restroom building built in 1972 is too small, the city says.

The colored building's life will soon come to an end. City workers will build a new, larger, building. One that disabled persons can use.

In recent years, the city has decided to invest money in Barrio Logan's park to make the park easier to walk through, and use. Especially for the disabled. The park upgrade work might end the period the disabled are kept out of the playgrounds they can not use.

An easier to use park can attract bigger crowds. That is the plan the city started investing hundreds of thousands of dollars nto.

Last week, the Parks and Recreation Department got an approval from the city council on using 200,000 dollars in Regional Park Improvement funds, in addition to Barrio Logan Development Impact Fees on hand, to make the park's restroom building ADA accessible. Currently, the building fails to meet ADA standards for use by disabled people.

The restrooms upgrade fits in the City of San Diego's plan to upgrade its regional parks.

Work on replacing old, and worn down, buildings is nothing new at City Hall. In 2010, the city invested regional park improvement funds into building new restrooms at Ocean Beach. The city is carrying out a five year plan to upgrade its regional parks to give local citizens, and visitors, an easier opportunity to enjoy the public areas.

Plans to renovate the playground at Chollas Lake made the regional park improvement list in 2012, and got funded by the city.

The regional park improvement fund money helps the city not fall behind on needed park upgrades. Each year, the city takes money out of the revenue collected from renters in Mission Bay Park and puts the money in the park improvement fund. Most the money collected form renters goes into the city's General Fund. After the year's threshold amount is collected, the renters add up millions in city rent revenues that go into funding work on upgrading parks.

Multi-million dollar projects can get cut off the city's yearly funding list during a year a project does not make the list for the city's five year regional park plan.

Like the other park upgrade projects on the park plan list, the ADA restroom upgrade at Chicano Park got the city's go ahead. The mural covered green building will stand its last days.

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