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New restaurant hires only those who speak sign language

There is a restaurant just north of the American borders which is putting deaf employees to work. The place is a restaurant called Signs, and all of the staff is deaf. To order, patrons experience learning and using American Sign Language. The menus are printed with pictures next to each entrée in an American Sign Language tutorial style.

Signs gives deaf opportunity screenshot

Of course, in America it’s expected that most employees have at least a basic grasp of the English language. However, when job searching there are other languages that are beneficial to learn. One of the secondarily most spoken languages in America is Spanish. American Sign Language is also up there in numbers of citizens who speak ASL.

While many parents have jumped on board with exposing their children to Spanish at a young age, through programs like Dora the Explorer, others have also begun exposing babies to basic signs. Even though baby signs are not always the official ASL symbol for a specific word or phrase, it begins a child on a road to learning a language other than his or her native tongue.

Before you head out the door to make a road trip to this newest eating establishment, it might be a good idea to learn a few basic sign language words. Look up a full dictionary’s worth of words at where a video clip quickly translates to demonstrate how to make the sign with your hands.

Practice a few basic food words, or questions to make sure you’re ordering correctly. However, even if you decide to just wing it, the new Signs restaurant has menus that make it easy even for the most novice restaurant goer. Just follow the signs printed next to the food item you want to order, and your wait staff will be sure to understand. If not, it’s still great practice in communicating and becoming aware of how those who cannot hear experience life.

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