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New report reveals worldwide obesity problem

As the New Year progresses, many people have resolved to lose weight, exercise, and get healthy. Although millions are on a weight loss mission, a new study reveals a worldwide obesity problem that is spiraling out of control.

According to the Future Diets report, over one third of all adults across the world are obese or overweight
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According to the Future Diets report conducted by Sharada Keats and Steve Wiggins, over one third of all adults across the world – 1.46 billion people – are obese or overweight.

The study examined global data from 1980 to 2008 and showed obesity levels doubling—sometimes tripling—in several countries.

China and Mexico both have extremely high obesity rates, and in South Africa, obesity has risen by a third and the country now has a higher rate than the United Kingdom.

North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America all have similar overweight and obesity rates to Europe.

The report states that the rise is associated with higher incomes, urbanization, and increased sedentary lifestyles.

People are consuming more processed foods, sugary drinks and opting for fast food rather than cooking traditional meals at home.

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