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New releases for Friday, January 29

When in Rome, featuring Kristen Bell, hits theatres this Friday.
When in Rome, featuring Kristen Bell, hits theatres this Friday.

There has never been a better time to see a movie.  This weekend will bring a fresh burst of bitterly cold Arctic air as well as some precipitation for a lucky number of Iowa residents.  Instead of staying in the house, which is probably starting to smell like stale feet and even more stale air from the lack of fresh air, why not head to your nearest theatre and get your popular culture fix for the month?

This weekend brings a fresh round of new movie meat for reviewers and audiences alike to enjoy or rip apart.  For those out there in the need for a witty and pretty romantic comedy, purchase your tickets to When in Rome, the new movie by director Mark Steven Johnson, who has done previous movies such as Daredevil in 2003 and Simon Birch in 1998.  When in Rome is a fun movie where Hollywood cuties Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Josh Duhamel (Transformers, Win A Date with Tad Hamilton!) must navigate the world of romance as Bell is pursued by numerous suitors she has never met before.

Those in the mood for a more edgy, action packed adventure should line up early for Edge of Darkness, directed by Martin Campbell and starring Mel Gibson.  Posed as Gibson's possible comeback film, Edge of Darkness has Gibson playing homicide detective Thomas Craven who is investigating the death of his daughter, Emma.  Emma was an activist with a secret life, and her death leads her father to discover a corporate cover-up in which his fellow officers may be involved.

Showtimes for these movies in the Iowa City and Coralville areas may be found at the Marcus Theatres website, while those in the Cedar Rapids can look to Wehrenberg website. 


  • Blane 5 years ago

    I want to see a movie but won't be in town. Possible raincheck?

  • Shannon F. 5 years ago

    Can't wait to see the next one, Blake!

  • Rick W. 5 years ago

    I like the paragraph about the being at home, I think alot of people can visualize themselves. And both movies seem interesting. Nice article.

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