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New Regulations for E-Cigarettes

A photo of e-cigarettes
A photo of e-cigarettes

E-Cigarettes has soared in popularity since it launched in 2010. Now, it is expected to surpass the sale of regular cigarettes within the next decade.

The Food and Drug Administration is announcing new rules that require e-cigarette manufacturers to disclose their ingredients, along with warning labels on their products about the health risks. There is not enough information about the health effects of e-cigarettes, so the FDA is going to regulate the product.

Under the new rules, companies would no longer be able to offer free samples, and e-cigarettes would come with warning labels saying that the product contain nicotine which can be addictive. Companies would also no be able to assert that e-cigarettes were less harmful than real cigarettes unless they got approval from the FDA.

E-cigarette consumption is rising fast, and many states have passed laws that banned e-cigarettes from public places, regulate their sale and in some cases tax the product.