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New Reality Series features athletes fighting in their underwear

Watch out UFC, a new MMA reality series is coming to television that features real female athletes who also "look fantastic in lingerie."

Ayla Stapleton, Australia (Lingerie Fighting Championships)
Ayla Stapleton, Australia (Lingerie Fighting Championship)

Cable phenom Lingerie Fighting Championships announced today that it is developing a new reality series entitled "Bootie Camp" which will groom new fighters for the upstart MMA league. The new series will feature female athletes and models living together in Las Vegas where they will train and compete for a prized contract with the controversial MMA league.

"We're very excited at the opportunity this will give us to discover and train new fighters," says LFC President Michelle Blanchard.

The company launched a casting contest earlier this month to find contestants and had more than 500 women apply. Audition videos can be viewed HERE where fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite contestants. The top ten vote-getters will win their way onto the show.

LFC CEO Shaun Donnelly knows there will be those who will view "Bootie Camp" as a flagrant rip-off of the UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter"... but he is unapologetic. "Any televised contest to find MMA fighters is going to be compared to TUF, it's inevitable," explains Donnelly. "I think our show will be unique and appeal to a different audience, but sure, there will be similarities. I promise our cast will be much prettier than theirs."

Lest you think it will just be pretty girls play-fighting, LFC prides itself on the athletic prowess of its fighters. Donnelly and Blanchard have been impressed by some of the girls who applied. The group includes numerous Division 1 college athletes, pro MMA fighters, an Olympic qualifier, and dozens of amateur scrappers with jujitsu, muay-thai and kickboxing experience. Of course, there are also plenty of lingerie models including several Lingerie Football League members.

"Prissy girls aren't going to apply to be on an MMA series," declares Blanchard, who is a former Lingerie Football League player. "These are tough girls who just happen to look fantastic in lingerie."

Once cast, the top two contestants will fight at an upcoming Lingerie Fighting Championships live event with the winner earning a lucrative LFC contract. The match will be broadcast live on the more than 1000 cable systems that already air LFC events on PPV and VOD.

Donnelly, who has produced several reality series in the past, knows some of the fights in the house may be even more bloody than the fights that go down in the cage. "When you put ten women in a house together and force them to live and work together for a full month, you're bound to get lots of drama. This is guaranteed to be a very watchable show!"

"Bootie Camp" is expected to have an international cast as some of the leading vote-getters hail from the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Interested in casting your vote? Please visit for more information or to cast your vote (the deadline is October 5). For additional details, contact Shaun Donnelly at 780-416-6914 or

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