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New "Ravehouse" scene in Albuquerque takes off

Have you noticed a dull thumping sound reverberating down your street? Is it slowly vibrating your remote control off the nightstand til it shatters into plastic shards and broken circuit boards on the floor? If so, a house in your neighborhood may be playing part-time host to a new underground scene in Albuquerque known as "Ravehouse."

Taking the DIY approach of "anything your bloated company can do, we can do better," the movement consists of electro-parties taking place at a series of houses across town, and for the last couple of months, they've been happening at least once per weekend. The central attraction is always one or more DJs spinning the newest in rocktronica, dub step and tech-house, plus the occasional live band. It's never long before the houses get loud, hot, packed (sometimes over a hundred people) and drunk.

Ravehouse events are fundamentally different beasts when compared to traditional warehouse/outdoor raves, in the sense that they are not businesses. This means a few things: First, they're always free. Second, the crowd is usually of drinking age or older, not a bunch of allowance-rich sixteen year-olds. Third, no flyers, greedy production companies or overrated big names. Fourth, due to the experience and intelligence of those involved, they aren't raided by squads of the APD (a.k.a. New Mexico's dimmest). And fifth, MDMA doesn't play a huge part. Sure a handful of people will be rolling at any given rave, but for the most part the crowd is just drunk and friendly.

Will it last? That remains to be seen, but so far the cops aren't wise (are they ever?), the music remains fresh and the crowds are consistently large and happy. At any rate, its quite a sight to see a house bursting at the seams with people dancing every week. If you're not privy to the scene, try keeping an ear out, but it's underground for a reason and I'm not going to wreck that here.


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