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New pursuits, contracts available in 'Defiance'

Screenshots from Defiance
Screenshots from Defiance
Trion Worlds

Albeit scant, new content in game is available today to coincide with tonight's episode of "Defiance." Several new pursuits, contracts, and elemental hellbugs were added to the game as hellbugs debut on the show later tonight.

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Trion Worlds

Players can complete the "Episode: Svushinnira" pursuits for a new title and extra lockbox keys. The "Thinning the Herd" pursuit offers the "Aberration Exterminator" title. This pursuit tasks players with killing a number of new enemies in the game including electric monarchs, incendiary warriors, and more. A second pursuit, "Unconventional Methods," is available that requires players to complete four new contracts; however, only three are available at this time according to many players.

The tenuous tie between the world of the "Defiance" game and the television show is held together by these small updates. Although the first two episodes were ushered in by a small set of missions in the game, only pursuits and contracts have been added to accompany the last episode and today's.

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