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new pulizer prize winner plus odd obsession

**The India born poet, Vijay Seshadri is the most recent recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his work, “3 sections.” He was born in Bandladore in 1954, but he grew up in Ohio where his dad taught chemistry at a nearby university.

His poetry books are Wild Kingdom (1996), and The Long Meadow (2004), which won the James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets. His poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in The New Yorker, The American Scholar, Antaeus, Bomb, Boulevard, Lumina, The Nation, The Yale Review and The Paris Review.

Some of his poetry can be found at

**I recently went to one of my favorite places in Chicago, The Odd Obsession video store. It’s one of the finest video stores I’ve ever seen. Where else can you find thirty plus Godard videos or a whole section devoted to Pasolini (there’s a great series of his films at the Siskel Gene Center this month.)

Odd Obsession will even look up films for you that they don’t have. They were able to locate an obscure Corso doc for me (it’s streaming on Netflix.)

The store is located at 1822 n. Milwaukee and it is open from 2 to 10 pm every day. The phone number is 773-276-0894.

I rented a variety of films including Russ Meyer’s Super Vixens (which did not particularly impress me), St Michael Had a Rooster (which was effective but somewhat dated-- it’s one of those 60s Italian films where people have long monologues about Marxism), and finally Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London which is the only one of the films that is related to poetry.

The movie includes the title poem accompanied by music as well as clips of early Syd Barett era Pink Floyd, John Lennon going to an early Yoko gallery opening (before they knew each other), Eric Burdon footage, Chris Farlowe doing the Stones' "Out of Time," and a discussion about sex that includes Michael Caine and Julie Christie. The sloppy but somewhat interesting film tried to caputure the spirit of the swinging '60s.

See the related link at

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