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New PS4 update 1.70 introduces video editing and more

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Sony has unveiled the details behind its newest system update for the PlayStation 4. This update will be to version 1.70, and will include some hefty and useful changes to the system. Announced last month at GDC, Director Scott McCarthy has revealed what to expect with the update (which still does not have a date). The biggest addition is known as SHAREfactory.

SHAREfactory is the new rich video editor application for the PS4. The app will allow for easy video editing as your own original music can be added to the video. Special effects such as filters, transitions, and themes can be added, along with personal commentary to make the video yours as you share it with the world. Commentary and the picture-in-picture capabilities will require the PlayStation Camera.

Sharing your video can easily be done via Facebook, or if you have bigger aspirations (YouTube), the videos can be exported to an external USB storage device. Recording time can now be changed from your gameplay to shorter increments. You will also be able to choose who you share with, and the default saves of screenshots and video clips can be removed. On top of all of this, HDCP can be switched off allowing you to capture video directly from your HDMI output. All of this really raises the bar for players who love sharing content.

Last but not least, you will be able to play games as soon as they are released. This is a feature that PC players are accustomed to. If you pre-order a digital game, the game will be pre-loaded onto the PS4 so once midnight of release day hits, it will be available to play. The PS4's Play as You Download feature has been well-received, so the next logical step is to incorporate this feature giving players as much access as possible to their games.

McCarthy states on the Sony Blog that these features were a direct result of player feedback. Though there is no time table for the release, it would be hard to imagine that 1.70 doesn't hit prior to E3 2014. You can read the blog here and watch the official trailer on our page for SHAREfactory. Stay tuned for more updates involving update 1.70 for PS4.


Sony Japan has stated the update will be released on April 30th.


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