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New PS4 screenshots for 'MLB 14 The Show'

MLB 14 The Show PS4 Screenshots-slide0
Operation Sports

On Wednesday, via, Sony released some new screenshots for the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show, and man do they look pretty. There are a variation of screenshots, but they give a good idea of the overall detail in the game. The players look phenomenal, and the lighting is as realistic as it gets. Some of the screenshots of player's faces make it difficult to separate realism and cyber life. The ballfields look amazing, and the crowd looks to be vastly improved. MLB 14 The Show hits on May 6th for the PS4, and in April for the PS3 and Vita. This game may just lure in people who aren't even fans of baseball just to awe at this game's visuals. Check out the screen shots on this page.

Sony has released new screenshots
Operation Sports

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