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New promotional foil full frame art basic lands by Terese Nielsen

New promotional full art basic lands by Terese Nielsen
New promotional full art basic lands by Terese Nielsen
Photo courtesy of Terese Nielsen, used with permission.

Today May 17, 2014 Magic: The Gathering artist Terese Nielsen, who's known for her absolutely gorgeous artwork from Force of Will over a decade ago to more recent works such as Sydri, Galvanic Genius and Swords to Plowshares, shared a photo on Facebook revealing new promotional foil full frame art basic lands, in a Zendikar-like style.

New Terese Nielson promotional foil judge lands
Photo courtesy of Terese Nielson, used with permission.

UPDATE : Today July 30, 2014 Nielson confirmed in a post to Twitter that she has been given the "go ahead" by Wizards of the Coast to confirm these are real.

UPDATE: Aug. 12, 2014 The original artwork is up for auction here.

According to Nielson:

So these shiny lands showed up in my mailbox today. Can someone tell me what they are?

Uhm... I hope they didn't send these to me too early. I never get product until it's already available. Usually players tell "me" before I know something is out. Lets hope I didn't accidentally spoil something. @_@

The original painting is almost 40" wide... that's big for me.

Art-savvy veteran players will recognize that Terese Nielsen was the artist who painted the Guru Lands. The Guru Lands were very limited promos given away to those who helped expand the player base by teaching new players. These new full frame foil basic lands say "judge" on the bottom of them.

These are "real" playable foil cards that just came in the mail. They're not artist proof white backs, which means it's a limited, special something-or-other. The bottom pic is a scan of the full painting. I painted all five lands as one piece. Yes I do have the original and sketch.

How these new Terese Nielson judge promo lands will be distributed to judges remains a mystery as of yet. Could there be some sort of new Guru program for judges to teach new judges? We don't know, however one thing's for certain: With other amazing judge promos like the sexy Hanna, Ship's Navigator (also painted by Terese Nielsen), it's never been a more rewarding time to be a judge.

You can like Terese Nielson's Facebook fan page and follow her on Twitter @TNielsenArt.

Which new Terese Nielson promo land do you want the most?

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