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New Program! The Complete FLIP It! Training Program™ for Educators

The Complete FLIP It! Training Program for Educators
The Complete FLIP It! Training Program for Educators

For the past two years, I have been traveling extensively to colleges and universities across the country. My mission has always been to talk to as many faculty as possible to learn as much as I can about their needs and challenges when it comes to engaging students and teaching effectively in today’s classroom.

I have now integrated their feedback, my experience, and my research over the past 15 years, and I’ve integrated all of this information into a new comprehensive faculty development program. The Complete FLIP It! Training Program™ for Educators is a highly interactive (flipped!) professional development program designed to support educators through the process of creating successful flipped learning environments.

Flipping a class is more than videos of lectures. It’s a complete shift in the way the class is designed, taught, and assessed. This shift changes the whole dynamic of the learning environment and introduces a new set of challenges many students and instructors are unprepared for.

Learning and teaching in this type of environment can cause both excitement and anxiety because it requires a different set of skills and attitudes for the instructor and for the students. Students need to learn how to handle uncertainty, take ownership for their learning, and work collaboratively. If unprepared to learn in this environment, students may resist the approach, become defensive, or reject the process altogether.

The instructor needs to learn how to design the flipped learning experiences, facilitate discussions, ask questions, and manage the ‘messy’ process of learning by letting go of control. If unprepared to teach in this environment, instructors may become frustrated or overwhelmed leading them to abandon the approach before they’ve had a chance to see the impact on learning, engagement, and retention.

An important part of moving towards a flipped paradigm involves knowing how to design and structure the flipped learning environment, but also recognizing which skills instructors need to develop and how to manage the classroom to support students through the flipped learning experience. The Complete FLIP It! Training Program™ for Educators addresses all of these challenges.

The program is designed to support educators in developing a comprehensive plan and implementation strategy to enhance both student and faculty success in the flipped environment. The Complete FLIP It! Training Program™ for Educators includes a curriculum structured around the four components of the Flip It framework: the learning environment, the topic, the students, and the faculty. When a learning environment is flipped, all four of these components must be integrated and supported in order to create a successful flipped experience.

Learn more about the Flip It framework and download the flyer.

Participants in the program receive:

  • practical strategies they can apply immediately to their classes.
  • the FlipKit™ resource packet which includes articles, tips, templates, worksheets, tools, resources, and reflective activities.
  • subscription to the FLIP It! newsletter.
  • discounted price on the 101 Ways to FLIP! and 101 Ways to FLIP Your Online Class booklets.
  • discounts on future FLIP It! events, products, and tools.

The Complete FLIP It! Training Program™ for Educators can be integrated into an existing new faculty orientation, summer retreat, or campus event, or it can stand alone as its own professional development for your faculty. It is available in three formats to meet different budgets, goals, and schedules:

  • Full day on your campus: The full day program is delivered on site for groups of any size and can be scheduled any time that is convenient for your faculty.
  • Week-long, blended: The week-long blended version of the program can be scheduled at any time for groups of any size. The online activities are completed using Flip It Consulting’s Moodle site, and we come to your campus to facilitate the face-to-face activities.
  • Fully online program: Sign up for our mailing list to see when the program will be offered online starting this summer!

Contact us today to learn more! We look forward to working with you!

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