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New product provides dignity to men who are incontinent

Men's Liberty urinary collection system.
Men's Liberty urinary collection system.
BioDerm Inc.

It is now estimated that nearly 4 million men in this country suffer the indignity of being incontinent. And while the condition is mostly attributed to the elderly as well as those suffering from prostate cancer, urinary incontinence is also a common secondary effect of spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), injuries that predominantly affect younger men and veterans.

Not only can this be physically uncomfortable for suffers, having to wear diapers or pads, it can also be extremely embarrassing. As a result, BioDerm Inc. has come up with a new innovation called Men’s Liberty to help these men gain back some of their dignity. Described as a “discreet; one-size fits all option for managing men's urinary,” Men’s Liberty is a “completely external urine-capturing system in which a collection bag is attached to the tip of the penis once a day,” eliminating the need for frequent diaper changes and condom catheters.

Note: This article is not meant as an endorsement for the product by Diana Duel or, but simply as a new product report. It is recommended that readers suffering from incontinence should consult their urologists to determine whether this product is right for them. They can also learn more about it by contacting BioDerm directly at 800 814-3174.