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New Product: Farmer's Cow Ice Cream

Yum!  A cool treat for a hot day!
Yum! A cool treat for a hot day!
Photo: stevendepolo via Flkr

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t crave cold, creamy ice cream? If you are searching for an ice cream made in Connecticut from local, hormone-free milk, then you are in luck! The Farmer’s Cow, already well known for their delicious milk, has released a line of ice cream. The Farmer’s Cow is a co-op of 6 local dairies located throughout eastern CT that pledge to produce dairy products without any artificial growth hormones.

These ice creams are be a welcome addition to their already fantastic product line of milk, heavy cream, eggs, and seasonal beverages such as apple cider and lemonade - all sourced from Connecticut farms. The Farmer’s Cow ice creams have been spotted at Stop and Shops stores in Willimantic, Norwich and Killingly, and are anticipated to be arriving in other local Stop and Shop very soon. With flavors such as “Hay! Hay! Hay! Vanilla,” “Summer Fields Strawberry” and “Milking Time Cookies and Cream,” these ice creams are bound to be a hit!


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