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New Private jet service bringing superior customer service to Atlanta

Jet linx brings superior customer service to Atlanta
Jet linx brings superior customer service to Atlanta

Superior customer service is the name of the game for a new private jet service in Atlanta. Jet Linx, a full-service private aviation company, has now opened a luxury hub at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Formerly a World War I training base, this airport now boasts 125 aviation tenants, including the new Jet Linx.

A New Model for Private Air Travel
Jet Linx does private air travel in a whole new way. The national company offers a decidedly local flavor in every one of its locations. By utilizing base partnerships, Jet Linx provides localization of aircraft, personnel and maintenance – a feature that brings confidence and peace-of-mind to many of their clients. The president of Jet Linx, Jamie Walker, explains that localizing the business allows them to offer superior customer service at a much more affordable price than other private jet companies.

John Snodgrass, the former CEO of Days Inn, is sponsoring the new Atlanta location for Jet Linx. Snodgrass spent 18 years in fractional ownership with NetJets. However, Snodgrass said he became concerned about the steady increase in rates, so he began searching out other options in the industry. He was initially attracted to the reasonable rates offered by Jet Linx, which allows many more customers to travel by private jet.

Multiple Programs to Choose From
Jet Linx was founded in 1999, and is the only private jet service to offer jet cards to customers and provide a local aircraft management program. Jet cards can be used to either prepay for flight time hours or deduct hourly rates from a deposit amount. These cards have made private jet travel more affordable, thus attracting a wider customer base.

The unique business plan is what attracted Snodgrass to Jet Linx in the first place. Snodgrass stated in a Jet Linx press release, “It is very unique to be able to offer the hands-on quality of a local company with the guaranteed services of a national organization.”

John Chidsey, former CEO for the Burger King Corporation, has already signed on to use Jet Linx services. As a former customer of both NetJet and FlexJet, Chidsey said the decision to move to Jet Linx was “easy.” The company offers high standards of reliability and safety, at a much more reasonable price than its competitors.

New Luxury Facility Stands Out
At more than 4,000 square feet, the new luxury facilities in Atlanta cost Jet Linx more than $1 million. The hub is just a few minutes from downtown Atlanta at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Customers that enter the facility will find a company that offers guaranteed hourly rates and a guaranteed standard of safety. Local staff, including pilots, put Atlanta residents and visitors of the city at ease.

The jet card program offered by Jet Linx does more than provide two different ways to make private air travel affordable. It also allows access to the entire fleet of jets at that location, without penalties for upgrades. The company guarantees availability of jets of any size, no matter what category of jet a customer is currently signed up for.

Jet Linx is a shining example of how customer service is transforming private air travel. As more customers turn to this model of affordability and reliability, other private jet companies may be forced to ramp up their service level as well.

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