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New posters for Gone Girl teases the thriller's crime and the full trailer.

Coming this October is the latest film from acclaimed director David Fincher. The man behind Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is at it again with his upcoming thriller: Gone Girl. The new film is based off the 2012 best selling novel by Gillian Flynn. The story deals with Nick Dunne falling under pressure due the crime surrounding the disappearance of his wife; which he is being accused of committing. The film stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Kim Dickens and a number of other stars.

Latest poster features a piece of the crime in this upcoming thriller. The full trailer to Gone Girl will arrive this Monday.
20th Century Fox
New posters for the upcoming trailer teases the full trailer to Gone Girl
Entertainment Weekly

The film has already had one trailer, but with fall season getting closer and closer, more on the David Fincher thriller should be coming out soon. As it turns out. signs of Gone Girl's advertisement came today as Twentieth Century Fox has announced that the full trailer to the thriller will hit the web Monday July 7th. In preparation to the trailer's release, Fox has released four new posters for the movie; each sheet features a different item to clue in moviegoers on the film's crime.

Much like the first poster, this kind of advertising is indeed an interesting move for the movie. Showing off the clues gives viewers and idea of what they can expect to see in this upcoming thriller. However, seeing that these posters are meant to build anticipation for the trailer; some may wonder if these clues have some kind of role in the upcoming preview. Perhaps each of these items will be showed off throughout the trailer.Then again, it also possible that these posters are just for show and will have no bearing to the upcoming preview. Either way, moviegoers should be excited for Monday as we will get a better clue (no pun intended) on this anticipated crime thriller.

What do you think of poster? Are you excited to see the new trailer? Express your opinions in the comments below. Gone Girl hits theaters on October 3rd. See the trailer this Monday.

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