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New polling shows Obama's approval has more than tripled Congress

President Obama has been struggling in public opinion in the year 2014, but he's not doing nearly as bad as others in Washington.

President Barack Obama waves goodbye after presiding over a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members and civilians in the East Room of the White House
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

It's not a big secret that President Obama is no longer seen as the beacon of hope and the ray of sun shine that he was heading into the 2008 election. After nearly six years in the White House, the reality of the job has caught up with President Obama. While the president has made some positive steps for the country, other decisions have been questionable or just our right bad. Whatever your opinion of President Obama is and how he has handled the job as president, not many will argue that there's a group in Washington that is doing even worse - Congress.

Looking at multiple well regarded polls, President Obama has watched his approval float between 41-45 percent over the last few months. According to Gallup, the president currently holds a 44 percent approval rating, and a 52 percent disapproval. Obama's approval hasn't reached the key 50 percent threshold since the end of June of 2013. Real Clear Politics shows a polling average of 42 percent approval for President Obama, with the polling occurring from June 20th to July 6th. The numbers remain steady even when comparing them to a more right-wing leaning polling outlet, Rasmussen Reports, who report the president's approval at 46 percent.

Though President Obama's numbers are not exactly impressive, Congress would throw a party if they had those numbers today. The Gallup poll that showed a 44 percent approval for president Obama, shows a 15 percent approval for the members of Congress, with a an 80 percent disapproval. The recent CBS News/NY Times poll has Congress sitting at a 14 percent approval while the Economist/YouGov survey has Congress at the pathetically low 9 percent positive rating. The Real Clear Politics rolling average through the month of June was only 13 percent approval for Congress.

President Obama might not be the savor many thought he would be six years ago, but his numbers are holding steady, though slightly lower than he would like. The recent polls released show that certain members of Congress should worry more about themselves rather then criticize the president.

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