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New polling out today on Florida Governor, Attorney General races

A new poll out this morning, May 3, 2014, by Gravis Marketing and Human Events showed the Florida Gubernatorial race was very close between two of the candidates and the third has some catching up to do. It also showed in the Florida Attorney General race, the Republican has the lead, the Democrats would come in second and the Libertarian would come in third. The poll also revealed that Florida voters would favor the medical marijuana initiative to be on the ballot this November.

Florida Attorney General Poll shows Republican Pam Bondi in lead
Gravis Marketing

The poll, conducted of 907 registered Florida voters between 4/23/2014 through 4/25/2014, has a margin of errof of +/- 3. The poll found 60% of Florida voters would vote for the medical marijuana initiative this November, 2014, 32% of respondents were not supportive, while 8% indicated they were unsure at this time. These results look better for the passage of the initiative from February, 2014 when support was at 57% and 11% were unsure at that time. The initiative will need a minimum of 60% of voters in order to pass and offer a wider degree of relief for Florida patients than what the Florida legislature passed yesterday. The leading gubernatorial candidate supporting medical marijuana would be Adrian Wyllie followed by Charlie Crist and last by Rick Scott. Scott previously had said he would never signed any medical marijuana bill, however this past Thursday stated he would sign the highly restrictive version coming out of the Florida legislature this session.

When the survey got to discussing the Florida Attorney race, voters were supportive of incumbent Republican Pam Bondi with 45% of the vote, 38% for Democrat Perry Thurston and 7% for Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer. When the question was switched to indicate the other Democrat running in the race, George Sheldon, he garnered 36% of the votes. In either case, Wohlsifer is new to the scene and there are 11-12% of the voters who have yet to decide for whom to vote, so he can boost his numbers well before the November, 2014 general election. It will be a three-way race between Wohlsifer, Bondi and whoever wins the Democratic primary in August.

The poll found the race to be Florida's next governor was very tight between Republican Rick Scott and Charlie Crist with Libertarian Adrian Wyllie coming in third. It is little surprise on Wyllie's number, as the general media rarely mentions his name even though he is a serious candidate, nor is the other Democrat in the race, Nan Rich's name mentioned. Today's poll did not even include Nan Rich's name and she is still very much in the primary race against Crist. The survey found 44% would vote for Scott and 43% would vote for Crist, 5% would vote for Wyllie and 9% said they were unsure who they would vote for at the time of the poll.

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