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New poll finds vast majority of homeowners supports renewable energy

An overwhelming number of American homeowners support renewable energy according to a new poll.
An overwhelming number of American homeowners support renewable energy according to a new poll.

A new nationwide survey finds that a whopping 88 percent of American homeowners support renewable energy, while 73 percent said they would welcome clean energy provided by an entity other than their utility. In addition, 62 percent of respondents expressed interest in solar energy for their homes.

The poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics for Clean Edge, Inc. and SolarCity, surveyed more than 1400 U.S. homeowners and is significant because there are more than 75 million owner-occupied housing units in the nation and currently fewer than 500,000 have photovoltaic installations. That indicates a burgeoning market for providers of renewable energy products and services.

According to Ron Pernick, managing director at Clean Edge, “Other surveys have looked at general green-energy activity, but ours is among the first to focus on U.S. homeowners – a group that makes the majority of clean-energy solutions was deep and wide across all demographics. Indeed, consumers not only want choice, but also want to protect their right to install their own distributed energy and storage systems.”

Other key findings of the report include:Sixty-nine percent of homeowners want more choices when it comes to energy and electricity supply.

  • Respondents cite zero up-front costs and ongoing cost savings as the top reasons for considering solar energy for their homes.
  • Approximately 70 percent of all homeowners consider the sustainability of big-ticket items when making purchasing decisions.
  • The most popular planned clean-energy purchases in the next year are LED light bulbs, followed by smart thermostats, double- or triple-pane windows, hybrid cars, and Energy-Star rated hot water heaters.
  • Over the past decade, clean-energy products and services have experienced double-digit compound annual growth rates.

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